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566,03 EUR*
Details International Handbook of Violence Research

The International Handbook of Violence Research Focuses on violence as a social phenomenon. This book deals with various socio-structural relations and their impact on violence, socialization and the learning of violence, experiences of violence and ...

192,37 EUR*
Details A War of Words: Political Violence and Public Debate in Israel: Public Debate About Political Violence in Israel (Case Series: Political Violence)

Violence and the State This book examines a series of controversies concerning the State of Israel's use of force and its failure to prevent the violence of others. Full description

34,95 EUR*
Details Family Abuse and Violence: A Social Problems Perspective (Violence Prevention and Policy Series)

Family Abuse and Violence A text outlining the study of family abuse and violence. Full description

90,58 EUR*
Details Campus Violence: Kinds, Causes, and Cures

Campus Violence This timely book shows how the rapidly increasing phenomenon of violence in the U.S. is invading college and university campuses. Campus Violence shows what colleges, universities, and other schools can do to deconstruct the violence ...

81,49 EUR*
Details Encyclopedia of Juvenile Violence

Encyclopedia of Juvenile Violence From concerns about juveniles' "incorrigibility" at the turn of the century to school violence in the 1990s, adults have attempted to understand, control, and prevent juvenile violence. This work provides a historical ...

93,08 EUR*
Details School Violence and Primary Prevention

School Violence and Primary Prevention This important new work covers clinical issues in treating victims of school violence and assessing children with the potential for violence. The editor also examines the effectiveness of prevention intervention ...

21,46 EUR*
Details The Value of Violence

The Value of Violence This provocative thesis calls violence the driving force not just of war, but of politics and even social stability. Though violence is commonly deplored, political scientist Ginsberg argues that in many ways it is indispensable ...

42,72 EUR*
Details Working With Violence: Policies and Practices in Risk Assessment and Management

Working with Violence Practitioners are faced with a wide range of theories of violence that influence policy development, training and professional responses to managing violence. This book examines current explanatory theories of violence, how these ...

43,99 EUR*
Details Trust and Violence

Trust and Violence The limiting of violence through state powers is one of the central projects of the modern age. Why then have recent centuries been so bloody? The author demonstrates that the aim of decreasing and deterring violence has gone hand ...

85,94 EUR*
Details Violence and Democracy in India

Violence and Democracy in India Examines the relationship between the extreme violence of riots, pogroms, acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing and the ordinary, everyday, often invisible structures and practices of violence in India. This work ...

111,44 EUR*
Details Current Controversies on Family Violence

Current Controversies on Family Violence The study of family violence is surrounded by a myriad of controversies. Full description

24,99 EUR*
Details Violence and the Sacred

Violence and the Sacred This brilliant study of good and evil examines the presence of ritual violence in sacred ceremony. Full description

171,33 EUR*
Details Violence, Culture and Censure

Violence, Culture and Censure Essays reflecting on our understanding and moral judgement of violence. The essays argue that even serious violence is not a simple fact, but a category of thought and practice rooted in history, culture and society. Full ...

42,00 EUR*
Details Documenting American Violence: A Sourcebook

Documenting American Violence Through contemporary voices, this work tracks the changes in the nature of American violence. It looks at violence as an integral part of American history and includes excerpts from a range of primary sources, including ...

93,62 EUR*
Details Destruction and Human Remains: Disposal and Concealment in Genocide and Mass Violence (Human Remains and Violence)

Destruction and human remains investigates a crucial question frequently neglected in academic debate in the fields of mass violence and genocide studies: what is done to the bodies of the victims after they are killed? In the context of mass violence ...

99,65 EUR*
Details Collective Violence: Harmful Behavior in Groups and Governments

Collective Violence This collection presents a range of theoretical and disciplinary approaches to the subject of collective violence. The distinguished contributors investigate the factors that contribute to the social context of violence, and ...

37,49 EUR*
Details Rethinking Domestic Violence

Rethinking Domestic Violence reviews research in the area of intimate partner violence. The research crosses disciplinary lines, including social and clinical psychology, sociology, psychiatry, criminology, and criminal justice research. Since the ...